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This site is the information portal for Dayboro and Surrounds. Up-to-date information about current and new events. Find local businesses and things to do.

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Why Dayboro.au?

One name, One place fore everything

One place where you find everything, consolidated under one web address. It has been a goal of mine for a long time. 

Now you can find local businesses, local events, local classifieds, local growers and local news all at ONE SPOT.

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Dayboro Visitor Information Center

Our Visitor Information Centre is a non-accredited tourist info hub located inside Dayboro Cottage, the home of the Dayboro Historical Society.

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Recurring Local Events

We have regular events, weather, and other situations permitting. The progress Association hosts the local markets every First Saturday of the month. The Show Society puts on a show once a year, and we the well-visited Dayboro Day on the last Sunday in May. If you like a drive through the country site, you must visit the Tawny Trails, they offer a self-guided itinerary to visit local artists, wineries, and fine food locations. 



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Our Show

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Our Trails


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What is this

Long term partnership

This is the new domain, we consolidated the business directory and the events directory into one domain. HELP4BIS has been maintaining and sponsoring the Lions Online Directory for over five years and will continue to do so. 

With the changes in technology, the expansion of our town, and the availability of a suitable domain, it is time to give the site an update in 2022. 

Many more features will be added as we go along. There have been several requests to bring the Local Weather station (Lyndhurst-Hill) back online, and we considered that. Hence you find it under Dayboro Weather.  

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