14 Nov 2023

Dayboro 14 Nov 2023
Dayboro 14 Nov 2023

As the giant gas planets are mooooooving to square of at our little planet, we will see a change in weather but more interestingly a change in the behaviour of the earth’s crust and all that is on it.

But that is a discussion for another time πŸ™‚.

For now… well we looking at some warm weather with the potential of thunderstorms. At the moment the barometric pressure is dropping rapidly, the humidity is slowly climbing and the temperature is dropping.

As “promised” rain is yet again on its way from…. end of the week onwards. End of the month we will see some good rain that will get the creeks flowing again.

So time for mowing is this weekend I guess as it will be the last chance you get this month πŸ™‚. (if you are “silly” enough to have a garden that needs mowing…. still can’t figure out the reason why LOL).

For now, I guess it is best to swap the tinfoil hat for something less conductive …….


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