2 Nov Dayboro Longish Forecast

Dayboro Longish Weather Forecast

Now here is the thing… I enjoy having conversations about the Dayboro weather and climate. There is an absolute “sh.t show” coming, too much for one post. To prevent folks from thinking that this is my own personal Fakebook page and some are happy to report non-MSM aligned posts, which with the new bill/act that is being introduced will put administrators at risk for prosecution.

For this reason and others, I keep it short…. BOM is wrong, the UN is wrong, and the climate lobby is wrong. Insurance companies and companies that make money by selling “peace of mind” are correct. (hence the massive premium increases we see happening).

Anyway, someone asked for a long-term weather forecast. I generally do not put them out there, I occasionally mention them to friends who ask. If you understand the cycles, the patterns and the …. (I leave that out as it becomes “spooky” very quickly) then you can plan for it within your means.

Mid to end November onwards we will see increased storms and increased hail storms. There will be a likelihood for flash flooding, (edit: not for NOV, just within the 5-odd months as part of storms) this pattern will be here for about 5-odd months.

As we cycle into the planet alignment in Oct 2024 (23/10/2024) we will see an uptick in liquefaction, volcanoes and earthquakes.


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