It’s time to do a bit of stock take. I kindly informed you about rain for 27/28 of this month (as mentioned for a few weeks now :-)). And we had some, not much in Dayboro, but still, between here and Samford, it did rain.

2nd of Nov, which sort of teases on through to the 4th when we might see a low-pressure system giving us some more rain 6/7th
It is still going to be like that. We might get a spitter on the first, but not much. The 6/7th looks good for a few mm.

Still not tank filling or paddock greening rain. It could increase the moisture and, as such, increase the chance of a thunderstorm that might drop a nice load.

I did call a water carrier, but then realised I have a spring-fed dam…. so I filled the tank up with that, got filters on the house and a UV filter at the tap, so we are good for now… lucky I had the opportunity and the foresight to do that years ago.

That said, atm it is 37.6, still not record-breaking heat but warm enough. The barometer is dropping, and so is the humidity. Let’s hope we do not get a dry thunderstorm, as that can devastate a lot of things in a very short time.

A cold night ahead again, which will push the dust and smoke down into the valley, and possible thunderstorms might cause some