1. Dayboro Directory

Dayboro Directory, actually the Dayboro & District Business Directory is the only source of truth, that we all have handy to use as the first port of call when we require any goods, services or trade services.


The advertisers’ fees, after production expenses, are used to support the Dayboro Lions Club to provide our volunteer membership services, bringing mostly local initiatives and help to the community. It is our major source of fundraising. 


What is a business directory?

A business directory, and in particular this one, is an online list of businesses within a particular niche, location, or category. Ours is especially focused on Dayboro. 

One way local businesses can get found by online searchers is through inclusion in business directories, this site complements the printed version of the business directory. 


Is this a new site? 

NO it is NOT. The content has been around since 2004 when Henk Harms started the first online business directory for Dayboro. It was known as mydayboro.com. It was after Henk contacted the Lions to join “forces so to speak” that the new site was built. 

Henk has since stepped back and handed over the reins to HELP4BIS.


This is a locally owned and operated all-things web company. They provide all the services related to this site and the events site for free, to support the Dayboro Lions. 


There are other online directories that focus on Dayboro businesses, they have been contacted as part of this initiative but declined participation. For that reason, you will see several results, this site Dayboro Directory (Dayborodirectory.com) is the only site that is up-to-date and only focuses on business listings. 


How do I list on this site?

You get automatically included when you buy an advertisement in the paper-based Dayboro Directory. You can, of course, opt for an online listing only. We are working on several subscription options, keep checking back for more information.


Why should I list on this site?

First of all, all proceeds from the Dayboro Directory, the paper-based and online version are going back into the community via the Lions projects. 

From a business point of view: 

  • Great Visibility
  • Become accessible, off-line, online and via mobile devices. 
  • Develop your brand
  • Detailed business information
  • Cost-effective investment, and most of all
  • it is Lions initiative

Read more about this here.


Will this site become “old” or “stale”?

We hope not, the lions and HELP4BIS are continuously working to improve the site, including more options and ensure that it keeps aligned with the latest technologies. 


The listings themselves are up-to-date as at the time of print of the paper-based version. Businesses come and go, we understand that, and we try to keep all the data as “clean” as possible. 


Please support these advertisers who wish to give to your community, and mention that you found them in this directory.

We are a part of Lions Clubs International (LCI), a body of 1.3 million members, which is a community service non-profit organisation. Dayboro Lions uses funds to support local families, individuals and local community groups.

Our club provides logistic support to community events around the town like Dayboro Day, Dayboro Rodeo, ANZAC Day and others.

We run monthly family movie nights, an alarm necklace scheme and the mobility equipment loan scheme and much more. We provide funds and substance for the needy, for schools and health initiatives, along with help for local clubs and Combined  Churches Food Bank etc.

Funds contribute to our affiliation to LCI, which provides massive funding for international and national catastrophes, medical research, the disabled, hunger relief, disease control and much more.

Become a member!

We hold a non-formal business meeting on the second Wednesday of the month at the Uniting Church Hall, where decisions are made about disbursement of funds, and where we decide which tasks we are able to assist.

Please feel free to come along and hear more about what we do.


Lions-We Serve.