“Our mission is to provide accurate business and events information to the dayboro and surrounding areas, free of charge. Whilst supporting the Dayboro Lions PAPER-BASED business directory, whilst encouraging online discussions and engagement“

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DAYBORO.AU is the new domain that consolidates the Dayboro Events calendar and the Dayboro Directory. We had to wait for this domain to become available simply because the dayboro com and dayboro com au were taken. 

This site has undergone many changes over the years. Starting back in 2005 as a simple PHP-based business directory, it has outlived many other initiatives that have come and gone. 

In 2017 HELP4BIS, a local Dayboro resident sat down with the Dayboro Lions and formed a partnership to bring the paper-based version of the Dayboro Directory online under the banner of “Dayboro Directory” free of charge to the Dayboro Lions and the Dayboro Community. 

Lions Business Directory

The paper-based version was started by APEX, when APEX in Dayboro stopped, the Lions gratefully took over the Dayboro & District Business Directory. The Dayboro & District Business Directory is the source that we all have handy to use as the first port of call when we require any goods, services, or trade services. 

The advertisers’ fees, after production expenses of the paper-based directory, are to support the Dayboro Lions Club to provide our volunteer membership services bringing mostly local initiatives and help to the community. It is the Dayboro Lion’s major source of fundraising. Please support these advertisers who wish to give to your community, and mention that you found them in the directory. Note: HELP4BIS builds, maintains, and hosts the Dayboro & District Business Directory for free to the Dayboro Lions.

Dayboro Events

The Dayboro Events are updated using information readily available on the internet. You can submit your event to be included. It is free. (Although buying a cuppa is appreciated). 

You can email we*******@da*****.au with your event details, including an image, or you can create a free account on the site and submit your event. (Soon)

Dayboro Weather

Dayboro Weather is collected by Lyndhurst-Hill weather station. This weather station has collected weather data in the Dayboro area since 2004. It is a privately owned and funded weather station by one of the HELP4BIS members. You should only use the information as “educational” and always check the official sites for weather information. 

The weather station tracks lots of environmental data and uses it to create weather forecasts, specific for Dayboro and Surrounds, every 2 hours. 

Dayboro Classifieds

Inspired by TradeShack.au, Dayboro Classifieds will go live in early 2023. It will use the Trade Shack Postcode Community platform to enable locals to buy, sell and swap their produce and other items. Replacing the need for Facebook and other global data collection systems. 

The concept is simple as explained on the Backyard Growers page at the Trade Shack

Dayboro Discussion Forum

Online secure and safe discussions about all and anything Dayboro. This can be about road upgrades, business initiatives, weather or just letting people know stuff. 

Social media is independent and free for all. 

It is a free service from HELP4BIS, WordPress website development and hosting experts. Locally based and only a cup of Coffee away. 

Dayboro Weather Buy me a coffee © RDS.INK

Two ways of doing that:

  1. Send an email with all the information to we*******@da*****.au
  2. Create an account and submit your event. 

Both methods are free. Just remember to do it well before the event as it can take a few days to get to your email. 

We are volunteers…. :-). 

Business listings are managed by North Pine Printing and the Dayboro Lions. Once a year, around September, a leaflet is sent out for advertisement in the Paper Based version. We use that to update the listings online. 

We understand that life gets in the way, so to speak, and you missed the deadline. Not a problem. 

We can include you in the Online-Version. Contact North Pine Printing and they will take you through the process. 

Yes, you can. What we allow is for you to change your business listing content and events content. This is how that works. 

  1. Create an account, which is free. 
  2. Let us know who you are and what your listings are, by sending us an email to we*******@da*****.au
  3. We then link your advertisement and/or event to your account, after which you can make the changes you want. 

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North Pine Printing
North Pine Printing

Without North Pine Printing there would not be a Dayboro Business Directory, they are key to the success of the Dayboro Lions Dayboro and Surrounds Business Directory.

Dayboro Lions
Dayboro Lions

The Dayboro Lions are an integral part of the Dayboro Directory content, they provide us with yearly updates to the Business listings.

the Team

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Local web hosting and web design business, a small mom-and-pop business. We host ALL sites here in Brisbane, and all the design work is done in King Scrub. The WordPress specialists.

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