Christmas Day 2023

What do you get when a grown man does not know what day Christmas Day is?
Christmas Weather in Dayboro

Christmas Day weather, I kept saying cooler but dry… In my “bubble” that is still the case. One small problem…. Christmas day is on the 25th… not 24th. 

I guess I just want it “over with” soon. LOL. 

Well, this is how it is shaping up: 

  • My Christmas day, being the 24th, cool. Evening shower
  • Everybody else their Christmas day about 32 odd C

To be fair, we will see a bit of sun around lunchtime, which makes it quite nice for that bbq. 

Christmas Cows

Basically my kind of Christmas…. like the old days. Warm in the morning and early afternoon, followed up with rain into the night. 

Eat and be jolly in the morning, sleep in the afternoon listening to the patter of the rain. 

(Rinse and repeat). 

Now what about that CHAT? 


There is no intention to remove the weather stuff from the main page, the chat was just added to reduce the ping-pong on the main forum.

Little did I know it would send out 9000-plus invites… oops. 


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