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Do you need to update, change or inform customers about your business, during these Dayboro ConVid-19 challenging times. Please do so by using this site and form.

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Dayboro Events

Most if not all events are cancelled during the ConVid-19 period. 

It will pass, and when it does you should add or update your event.

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As Dayboro and Australia come in terms with the ConVid-19 restrictions, we see more and more businesses shutting down. Some temporary and some forever.

Dayboro is not immune to this if anything the local businesses need your support NOW. Help local businesses to stay, and there is nothing worse to see local companies disappearing and see our beautiful town centre turning into a ghost town.

To remove the Dayboro ConVid-19 confusion, about what is open. Who is doing take-away and where to get food, we the “keyboard monkeys” of the Dayboro Business Directory have created this page.

We hope it is helpful in how you can support local businesses.