Dayboro and Districts business Directory timeline

Timeline Dayboro and District Business Directory

There is no denying; every new project is a challenge. The online Dayboro and Districts Business Directory is no exception. To keep things on track to provide you with the best value for money, we need a timeline. The timeline shows you what we are up to and what we are planning.

The Dayboro and Districts business directory timeline explained.

The timeline shows you five(5) blocks of work, they will not be easy especially the SEO stuff. The business directory space is small and crowded. This directory will have to battle some serious battles. We have confidence that we will get you the exposure you need. The SEO part has been in the making for a fair few years. More on that later.

The blocks we are looking at are:

  1. 3rd Quarter 2018
  2. 4th Quarter 2018
  3. January 2019
  4. February 2019
  5. Whole 2019

3rd Quarter 2018

The MOST critical block in the Dayboro and Districts business directory timeline. You as a business owner in Dayboro or surrounding areas, need to take ACTION. Submissions into the Dayboro & District business directory is time sensitive. Volunteers do all the work and the printing of the paper-based directory is on a deadline. Keep in mind that this is not a small circulation, no less than 3000 copies.

If you want to be listed, you should submit your listing now.

4th Quarter 2018

The Lions and other volunteers get busy, we create all the paper-based listings and include them in the Online version of the Dayboro and Districts Business Directory. During this process, we test and configure the best structure for the directory. This will be a trial and error. We will make mistakes in getting the categories right, remember we will fix them.

Why are categories important? We believe if you have too many it is harder to search for what you look for, being online it is a lot easier to search for things. Still, you want to compare. To provide the best search results, so you as a searcher or as a business will have the best results in front of you.

Categories are also crucial for Search Engine Optimisation, which is vital in the next step in the Dayboro and Districts Business Directory Timeline.

January 2019

Up to now it has all been data entry of the advertisers/listing data. This block on the Dayboro and Districts Business Directory timeline is where the rubber hits the road. The directory when completed, all advertisers included in the paper-based booklet. North Pine Printing prints this directory. The online directory is finished.

February 2019

Premium listings, are very very comprehensive listings. They rival a website or the free online website builders. The Dayboro and Districts Business Directory is just better because you support local volunteer groups :-).

This block in the Dayboro and Districts Business Directory Timeline will open up a feedback loop. The directory will be in “production” for two months. Being in production for a few months should give us a bit of an idea how it works, but more so you will be asked to provide feedback. Feedback will be necessary so that we can do better next year.

Whole 2019

Yes, that is right. We will keep monitoring how we are doing with “promoting your business”. The Dayboro and Disctrict Business Directory is not a simple, create a listing and forget. No, we will try to get you found, we will try to promote the business directory, and your listing online.

This part of the Dayboro and Districts Business Directory timeline is an ongoing process, there is no one tick and flick. As part of our ongoing commitment we want to measure and track:

  1. What the directory standing and ranking is on the overall internet.
  2. Rank well in the appropriate searches.

Read here why you should list.