For Australia Day in 2024, we can use the historical data from January 26, 2023, as a reference point for the prediction.

On that day in Dayboro, the weather conditions were as follows:

  • Maximum temperature: 34.8°C
  • Minimum temperature: 27.8°C
  • The wind was predominantly from the northeast (NE)
  • Rainfall was 0.0mm, indicating no rain on that day
  • The highest wind speed recorded was 29.6 km/h​​. 
Dayboro Beer Mile 2024

Australia Day 2024

With a certain level of beer, I am quietly confident it be a nice and warm day. It will not be raining, so that is a good thing. 

I think the rain will stop in the next 3 days (if that) so the field will dry out a bit. It also gives the gardeners the chance to get into the garden and start planting. (well that is what I will be doing). 

This all aligns with the farmers almanac.

When I put the almanac together the rain days came up like these:

RainfallAvg for January 2024: Near to slightly below the average, with occasional showers.

PossibleRainDays for January 2024: Possible Rain Days: 2nd, 6th, 9th, 14th (New Moon), 17th, 21st, 25th, 29th.

You can check here for the rain days. how close the almanac was :-). 


From the News Room

From the News Room

The lowdown on the Dayboro Beer Mile!

Picture this: a race, but with humans chugging beers instead of us cows pounding the track. Imagine a frenzy of folks, zipping along quicker than a rooster juiced up on espresso, all knocking back pints as if tomorrow’s never coming!

Don’t go dialling animal control just yet, because this shindig ain’t for the greenhorns. It’s a bona fide challenge – think sprinting past a tractor wearing nothing but flip-flops!

For the daring bunch willing to step up, oh boy, it’s an absolute riot! A spectacle with faces glowing redder than a barn in December, legs shakier than a day-old calf, and grins as broad as a bale of hay.

But here’s the kicker – the whole town turns topsy-turvy!

We’re talking music blasting like a bull at a hoedown, hollers louder than a rooster with a loudspeaker, and eats so hearty they’d sate a grasshopper in a field of greens. It’s all about fun, camaraderie, and a sprinkle of good-natured rivalry.

So, the next time you spot those wild humans tearing up the streets, reserve your judgment. Give ’em space, holler your support, and hey, why not join in the rumpus? But y’all remember to sip sensibly, keep the chaos classy, and above all, enjoy every second!

Well, it’s time for me to hit the muddy and soaking wet trail from the January rains, so much for El-Nino. I’ve got a rendezvous with a scrumptious burger and some sunshine snoozing. Till next time, raise a glass to Dayboro!