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Welcome to “What Is On in Dayboro?” in Dayboro and surrounding areas. This page lists all the events that we know of. If you do not see what you are looking for, use the search option instead. 

We gather events that are published on the internet, and as you can understand that is a daily job. YOU can help us out by submitting your event directly to this site. It will greatly help us out. 


Explore All Dayboro Events, Activities and Things to do in our surrounding area.

Find information on nearby upcoming events happening in your city. Discover parties, concerts, meets shows, sports, clubs, reunions, and performances.



mon17jun09:00mon10:00Amain Gymnastics

mon17jun10:00mon12:00Dayboro Conversation Club

mon17jun16:30mon17:30TAEKINDY – Junior Martial Arts

mon17jun17:30mon19:00TAE KWON DO Senior Martial Arts

tue18jun09:00tue12:30Bridge at the Bowls Club

tue18jun17:00tue19:00LINE DANCING

wed19jun05:15wed06:00Dayboro Pool & Gym Bootcamp

wed19jun06:03wed19:03Recycle and General Waste

wed19jun09:00wed12:00North Pine Spinners – Art and Craft club

wed19jun09:15wed10:30YOGA is popular with those over 50’s

wed19jun17:00wed18:00Dayboro Dance Adult Classes


wed19jun19:30wed20:30Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Dayboro

thu20jun10:00thu12:00Dayboro Conversation Club

thu20jun18:00thu19:30TAE KWON DO Senior Martial Arts

thu20jun18:30thu21:30DDPAI Meetings

fri21junAll DayDayboro Grapevine deadlines

fri21jun10:00fri12:00Dayboro Conversation Club

fri21jun18:00fri20:00Dayboro Bowls Club Meals

sat22jun07:00sat12:00Ocean View Parkrun

sat22jun10:00sat12:00REKO PickupPickup

sat22jun19:00sat23:00Old Time/New Vogue Dances

mon24jun09:00mon10:00Amain Gymnastics

mon24jun10:00mon12:00Dayboro Conversation Club

mon24jun16:30mon17:30TAEKINDY – Junior Martial Arts

mon24jun17:30mon19:00TAE KWON DO Senior Martial Arts

tue25jun09:00tue12:30Bridge at the Bowls Club

tue25jun17:00tue19:00LINE DANCING

wed26jun05:15wed06:00Dayboro Pool & Gym Bootcamp

wed26jun06:00wed19:00General Waste Collection

wed26jun09:00wed12:00North Pine Spinners – Art and Craft club

wed26jun09:00wed12:00DAYBORO QCWA SOCIAL CRAFT

wed26jun09:15wed10:30YOGA is popular with those over 50’s

wed26jun17:00wed18:00Dayboro Dance Adult Classes


wed26jun18:30wed20:00Dinner Meeting

wed26jun19:30wed20:30Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Dayboro

thu27jun10:00thu12:00Dayboro Conversation Club

thu27jun18:00thu19:30TAE KWON DO Senior Martial Arts

fri28jun10:00fri12:00Dayboro Conversation Club

sat29jun07:00sat12:00Ocean View Parkrun

sat29jun10:00sat12:00REKO PickupPickup

sun30jun10:00sun15:00Tawny Trails


What is on in Dayboro TODAY lists all the events that we know of and are happening today. As you noticed, we list the events by “LIVE” and “LATER TODAY”. 

The idea behind this is to promote your event and make people in Dayboro aware of what is happening in town. This page “What is on in Dayboro” lists the events for today, if you want to see the events for the whole month, you can hop over to “Dayboro events for this Month”

Your event(s) is visible to everybody, and it helps to promote the Village and attracts tourism to the area. What we trying to do is help you as an event organiser and you as someone who is looking for something to do in Dayboro to find all that in one place. Easy displayed and, most of all, accurate. 


How to list an event?

Submitting of events can be done via email or using the event submission form. When you submit an event, you agree that you are ok with the details to be displayed. 

We, of course, will do our best to make sure all is correct, and for that reason, we review your event before we publish it. 

Submitting events is free. That said if you want to buy us a coffee, then that is most appreciated. 

What is on in Dayboro is FREE. Keep that in mind when our response time is a bit slow. We are trying to do our best to respond as soon as possible. We are doing this as volunteers and have a family with things to do, just like you, be nice. 

supporting event
Tawny Trails

The Dayboro events (old dayboroevents.com) image has been around for a few years. You have seen it on the lightboard when you drive out of town. 

The drawing is kindly donated by Running Duck Studio (RDS.INK), and we have used it since. 

Frequent asked questions

When an event is listed, submitted and/or approved, it will show on the site. We aim to be as accurate as possible, yet mistakes and errors happen.

Two ways, either email us or add and edit your event. 

You can submit your own event using the event submission form. It is FREE but we love coffee (wink, wink)

Email us with the updates or what you want to change. 

When we have time we go and grab events from social media sources, if we find suitable ones, we add them manually. 

If you see an event, and it is yours or changes are required, let us know. We are happy to change it or remove it upon your request. 

What is on in Dayboro, part of the site is run by volunteers, paying for it out of their own “pocket”. The licenses, webserver and programming are done by the owners of HELP4BIS, the volunteers

HELP4BIS is a small mum & dad shop (mainly mum), providing value-for-money online solutions (Webhosting, email, web design etc.) for small businesses. 

HELP4BIS has been helping and “sponsoring” several local businesses and organisations over the years. For example, TawnyTrails.com is an example where we at cost, help new initiatives (Danielle is the owner of HELP4BIS).

The online Dayboro Lions Business Directory is another initiative we sponsoring since 2017 at no cost to them. 

These are to name a few. We are also strong promoters of self-sufficiency, an initiative we started in 2019