How stamp collecting is helping to change Australian children’s lives.

The Dayboro Lions last year joined an Australia-wide Lions initiative that collects and sells postage stamps to buy mobility equipment for disabled Australian children.

The program works as follows:

  • Carefully tear the stamps off envelopes sent to you or your business, please do not damage them and please leave a paper rim around each stamp so that we can tidy them up.
  • Drop the stamps at the Dayboro post office for collection by the Lions, or contact us by e-mail at da**********@gm***.com if you have a large collection.
  • We tidy the stamps by cutting a little rim around each serrated edge.
  • Once we’ve collected a few boxes we deliver them to the Lions stamp experts. They sort the stamps into batches for auctioning.
  • The stamps are sold at auction. Many appear to go to China, which is great. Thankfully they like used Australian stamps!
  • All of the funds raised are given to the Australian Lions Children’s Mobility Foundation to buy mobility aids.
  • Please see the following address for details
  • This is an amazing recycling project, giving joy to children from our rubbish.

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