Dayboro weather shop

Welcome to our Dayboro Weather Shop!

What started as a whimsical addition to the weather reports on Dayboro and Surrounds Community Noticeboard  has grown into something truly special. The charming cartoon cows, representing the quirks of Dayboro’s climate, captured the hearts of our community.

Now, you can bring a piece of Dayboro’s unique weather spirit into your life with our range of mugs, t-shirts, and more. Not only will you be adding a touch of whimsy to your day, but you’ll also be supporting the enhancement of Dayboro’s weather forecasts and the expansion of our online portal (directory, classifieds etc), all while sporting your favourite weather-loving cows.

Wondering why I’ve ventured into the world of merchandise?

It’s simple – the mission extends beyond just forecasting the weather. By selling Dayboro Weather Merchandise, I aim to fund the continuous improvement of our weather forecasts, ensuring that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information. Additionally, the proceeds go towards upgrading our materials and sensors, which are crucial for providing you with reliable forecasts.

But that’s not all; your support also contributes to the growth of our online portal, benefiting Dayboro and its surrounding areas. For example the expansion and betterment of the Online Lions Business Directory, I am also looking into some classifieds starting backyard growers trading for Dayboro only. This to compliment the Tradeshack and the Local Edible Exchange. Together, we can make our website even more resourceful, adding value to the entire community something that has been missing for a long time. 

So, when you shop, you’re not just getting a piece of Dayboro’s charm; you’re investing in the future of Dayboro Weather and its online platform.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

How did COWS come about?

My roots are in Dairy Farming, and now I do a little bit of micro-farming, as I am concerned about the food supply (but that is a story of a different day). Looking around we see more and more dairy farms disappear. There is only one left, and they run Brown Swiss. I grew up with the Friesians. 

Weather is something I do, and it needed a bit of spicing up so we came up with the cows. There is truly not more to the store than that. 

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