Current Weather in Dayboro

Dayboro Weather is updated every five (5) minutes. The time of the next Dayboro Weather update is 23:30. Your page, if not scrolling will refresh every 5 minutes.

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Current: 12.3°C
Heat Index: 12.3°C
Heat Stress Load: 35.9°C (Ignore heatstress, it is incorrect)


Current: 0.0 mm
Current rain rate: 0.00mm/hr
Last rain: 6 days ago
This Week:0.6mm|Month:11.0mm
Why 9am-9am?


Current: 0.0 m/s
Current direction: NE
(Strongest wind recorded here was about 96 km/h)


Current UV: 0.0
Minutes to get sunburn: 720
Night time/Dry


Current: 90%
Min: 41%|Max: 90%
FWI: 18.2 - High

Air quality

Current: Good
PM10: 196.0
CO2: 584 ppm
Noise: 38.3 dB
Radiation: 8 µSv/h


Current: 4.7 mm
Current week: 20.1mm
This month: 68.0mm


Current: 1021.7 mb
Current trend: Steady

Fire Weather

Current: Moderate
Index Value: 18.2
Forest Fire index: 0.8
Chandler index: -1.4

Flood index

Current: soon

Moon phases

Current: Waxing Gibbous Moon
Moon Rise: 14:19| Moon Set: 04:03
Next/Last full moon: 09:58 UTC 29 September 2023


Sun Rise: 05:35|Sun Set: 17:46
High Tide: 7:07 AM EAST 1.3 | Low Tide: 1:18 AM EAST 0.4 --- Second High - Low
High Tide: 7:38 PM EAST 1.9| Low Tide: 12:52 PM EAST 0.3

7 Day Dayboro Weather forecast

The Dayboro Weather forecast is generated every two hours and made available at the bottom of the hour. It is generated automatically using weather data from several hundred weather stations in the area. Taking current and historical data we collected, since 2004, into consideration. 

Climate changes happen in cycles and are NOT man-made nor influenced by man, they are a direct result of Sun interactivity. We try to do our best to be as accurate as possible, please do not base important decisions upon the data provided.  

Dayboro Weather data on this site should not be used to protect life and property. 

Who is Dayboro Weather domain is no longer, it did not get renewed and we decided to let it expire. We used it since 2004 to provide very detailed weather reports to the local Dayboro Community. 

Due to finances, health and other reasons we decided not to continue to provide very detailed weather data. When we started there was nothing online, only the BOM in a very limited form. Now everybody with a PWS (Private Weather Station) can send data to the web for all to see. We figured there is no need for us to add to that. 

We were wrong.

In passing and as part of Trade Shack Postcode Communities discussions it was mentioned a few times that the weather station was missed.  So here we are slowly putting a smaller version together again.  

There will not be a massive amount of data available, just to start off with the normal basic stuff like: 

  • Temperature
  • Rainfall
  • UV and Air Quality for Dayboro
  • Wind and Wind direction and
  • Dayboro Weather Forecast

As we get more time or energy we might add more details, time will tell. 

We will provide some information about the current Grand Solar Minimum, basically, we publish that on the Trade Shack website under articles. If you appreciate our work please shout us a coffee it will go a long way and it is for sure appreciated. 

In short, the Grand Solar Minimum is a period where the earth will experience cooling, history shows that the Sun has a direct impact on the earth and its weather patterns. During GSM we see shifts in rain belts, and increased volcanic and earthquake activities. We will still see heat records broken and droughts in areas that normally are ok, for example, the USA is currently (2022) slipping into drought as they had in early 1900. 

Australia will also be impacted, we will see more intense rain and cooler periods. The combination of the Tonga eruption in early 2022 has introduced a lot of dust and moisture in the atmosphere. This together with the GSM will see a cooling of our average temperature in the Southern Hemisphere, so much so that most likely the northern and southern hemispheres will be decoupled by the Global Warming Cabal, to suit their agenda. It will not be long before we will see local and global lock-downs motivated by the Global Warming agenda. Time will tell.