Current Weather in Dayboro

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Current: 12.2°C
Heat Index: 12.1°C
Heat Stress Load: 30.8°C (Ignore heatstress, it is incorrect)


Current: 0.0 mm
Current rain rate: 0.00mm/hr
Last rain: 8 days ago
This Week:0.0mm|Month:35.6mm

Why 9am-9am?


Current: 0.0 m/s
Current direction: N
(Strongest wind recorded here was about 96 km/h)


Current UV: 0.0
Minutes to get sunburn: 720
Night time/Dry


Current: 72%
Min: 43%|Max: 77%
FWI: 6.0 - Low-Moderate

Air quality

Current: Moderate
PM10: %purpleair10_0%
CO2: 462 ppm
Noise: 35.87 dB
Radiation: 12 µSv/h


Current: 2.5 mm
Current week: 18.7mm
This month: 35.8mm


Current: 1018.0 mb
Current trend: Steady

Fire Weather

Current: No Rating, low Fire Danger
Index Value: 6.0
Forest Fire index: 1.6
Chandler index: 2.4

Moon phases

Current: Waxing Gibbous Moon
Moon Rise: 14:52| Moon Set: 05:26
Next/Last full moon: 10:18 UTC 21 July 2024


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7 Day Dayboro Weather forecast

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