Dayboro what about it?

Dayboro What About It

Dayboro what about it?, this is the question this website answers, but first, let’s look at Dayboro. 

Dayboro is a town, or “Town of Yesteryear”, as it is affectionally known, and a locality in the Moreton Bay Region, Queensland, Australia. It is approximately 46 kilometres north-northwest of Brisbane, the state capital.

has an area of 406.8 square kilometers (km2), which provides a population density of 21persons in each square kilometer. Below map presents the area and borders of Dayboro.

To the north lies the D’Aguilar Range and the mountain township of Mount Mee. Other nearby towns include Petrie and Samford. The land surrounding the village supports avocado and pineapple plantations, as well as dairy cattle. Due to the rapid expansion of Brisbane, less and less farming is conducted. 

Over the years, several significant developments have carved their way into the village and surrounding landscapes. Ask yourself the question, “Dayboro what about it?” can this development go on, is this type of development sustainable? We believe it cannot, it is time to create self-sustainable communities. Postcode communities, if you like, and urban development has no place anymore in Dayboro. 

The Dayboro Rodeo and Dayboro Show usually occur between May and July every year, as well as Dayboro Day, celebrating the town’s unique rural heritage so close to the Brisbane CBD.

Popular businesses in Dayboro.

Population in the Dayboro area.

We are put in a box as a statistical area level 2 (SA2). The 2019 population estimate was 9,154 people, this means we do have NBN to our village.

The population is collected during censuses every five years. In the last census in 2016, we had a population of 8,490 persons. The live population is calculated using the growth rate between 2011 and 2016 and national adjustments after 2016. Dayboro, what about it? You still do not know? 

The lifestyles and people of Dayboro
Established Couples and Families 25%
Older Couples and Families 21%
Maturing Couples and Families 21%
Elderly Families 10%
Established Couples & Families make up the largest percentage of people living in Dayboro followed by Older Couples & Families and Maturing Couples & Families.
The statistics above have been sourced from Mosaic demographic data that is the copyright property of Experian Australia Pty Limited (or its licensors).
Classification Details
Young Families – Families, Extended Families and Single Parents under 35
Independent Youth – Couples, Singles and Homesharers under 35
Maturing Couples & Families – Families, Couples, Extended Families and Single Parents aged 35-44
Maturing Independence – Singles and Homesharers aged 35-54
Established Couples and Families – Families, Couples, Extended Families and Single Parents aged 45-54
Older Couples & Families – Families, Couples, Extended Families and Single Parents aged 55-64
Older Independence – Singles and Homesharers aged 55-64
Elderly Families – Families, Extended Families and Single Parents 65 and over Empty Nesters – Couples 65 and over
Elderly Singles – Singles and Homesharers 65 and over 

Want to know more about Dayboro?

If “Dayboro what about it?” has not provided you with enough information, then you are encouraged to check out the Dayboro District Historical Society website. Alternatively you can go to their Dayboro District Progress Association Inc.