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Tawny Trails

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Embark on a journey of artistic exploration at Tawny Trails, open the last Sunday of every month, offering you a crafted adventure through the heart of the creative Moreton Bay Hinterland. The trail, embracing the serene countryside of Woodford to the lush, green rolling hills of Mount Mee, and the culturally rich towns of Dayboro and Samford, unveils the essence of living creatively.

At Tawny Trails, you’ll discover what it means to live creatively, immersing in inspiring interactions with award-winning artists whose creativity flows as naturally as the rivers that carve the hinterland’s beautiful landscape. Explore private galleries and studios, ordinarily veiled from public view, now awaiting your curious eyes. Every turn on this self-driven adventure unveils scenic, cultural, and creative havens, each meticulously curated to spark your imagination and breathe colour into the canvas of your life.

The trail isn’t merely about observing; it’s about experiencing. Feel the cool touch of clay as you shape it, the soft bristles of a brush painting nature, and the rhythmic beat of your heart as you find your rhythm amidst a community of like-minded souls. Your journey through Tawny Trails is accentuated with options for entertainment, sumptuous food, cozy accommodation, and rich culture, ensuring a fulfilling and enriching experience.

Tawny Trails is more than an event; it’s a passage towards discovering a life filled with creativity, inspiration, and endless exploration. The trail offers a respite from the mundane, an escape into a realm where creativity isn’t just observed, but felt, lived, and celebrated.

With each visit, you’re not just exploring a trail, but a part of yourself that resonates with the harmonious blend of nature and creativity. The picturesque landscapes, the melodious hum of nature, and the brushstrokes of imagination await to inspire and motivate you. Tawny Trails is not just a day’s outing, but a journey towards living a life less ordinary.

Don’t let this opportunity pass; the trail of creativity awaits to welcome you into a world where every path leads to discovery, every moment is a canvas waiting to be painted, and every interaction is a step closer to living a life filled with colour, joy, and endless creativity​1​.

Proudly supported and presented by Running Duck Studio.



January 28, 2024 10:00 - 15:00(GMT+10:00)

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