Lyhart Fencing and Fabrication

Lyhart Fencing is a small family business specialising in both Fencing and Fabrication, owned and operated by Lyle Thomson and his wife and children. Lyle has over 25 years of experience in the fencing industry and has worked as both a sole trader and a construction manager.

Lyhart Fencing & Fabrication opened for business in 2016, setting up shop in Kobble Creek and servicing all suburbs in Brisbane and regional Queensland wider areas. Lyle has a hands-on approach to every job and has developed a true family business working alongside his wife and daughter. Kath Thomson works as the office manager, and their daughter Bec is a professional fencing technician.

The Lyhart family also uses a boilermaker to improve their service offering.


At Lyhart Fencing the customer’s happiness and satisfaction with the completed job is the main priority. Lyhart Fencing and Fabrication approach each job with the professionalism and craftsmanship you can only expect of those who have been in the industry for over 25 years. Their fencing jobs are a work of art and a pleasure to look at. 

Fencing services

No job is too big or too small, at Lyhart Fencing and Fabrication they do not just say that they mean it. You can see that in the type of services they offer. 

Looking for: 

  • Solar & Electric gates?
  • Pool Fencing?
  • Chainwire Fencing?
  • Aluminium Panels?
  • Glass Fences?
  • Tubular?
  • Colorbound Fences?
  • Laser-cut Fencing art?
  • Slats?
  • Or Security Fencing

Lyhart Fencing has you covered. Why not give them a call and find what else they can offer, they are a true ‘ONE STOP SHOP’ for your fencing needs. 

Lyhart a Featured Business

Lyhart Fencing and Fabrication has been a long-term “sponsor” of the Dayboro Lions Business directory. 

Featured businesses are those businesses that request for a special page to be created and have their listing expanded. This comes at an additional charge, with the monies of that extra charge going 100% to the Dayboro Lions. 

Lyhart Fencing and Fabrication is not only “sponsoring” the Dayboro Lions with additional funds, but the team at Lyhart Fencing are also active local community members donating their time to volunteer groups in the surrounding area. 

The Lyhart Fencing and Fabrication Team are a true asset to the local community, not only in its role as a valued local business but also as community members supporting locals.