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The current Moon Phase is: Waxing Gibbous Moon. Your root crops are in, if you missed it you might be lucky and have another short period soon. Not as fruitful, still better than nothing.


The moon phases are calculated based on the Dayboro Lat/Long. Why are moon phases included? 

For generations, people used to moon to determine the best fishing, hunting, and gardening times. Planting according to the moon is practically proven to be beneficial and produces stronger plants and better yields. 

We wrote a “course” on how to use the Moon Planting Calendar, it is available for free (for paying members) at the Trade Shack.

Moon phases

Moon phase versus path

Moon Phases  29.5 day cycle

The waxing phase is between the new and full Moon. The light increases, and the energy/sap is drawn upwards into the plant. At the full Moon, the cycle’s peak, the energy changes, and the sap is pulled down into the roots as the light decreases. During this waning stage, the soil is absorbing – the best time to water, sow and fertilize.

Moon’s Path 27.3-day cycle

In a lunar month, we can observe the Moon moving across the sky with a different path each day.  The Moon rises higher in the sky each day (ascending) until it reaches its peak. At this point, she begins to descend and rise lower in the sky each night.

Frequent asked questions

The moon has a direct impact on the earth’s water/moisture. It regulates the tides and then some. 

When planting by the moon phases, it promotes the moisture direction. Ascending Moon draws the moisture up, and Descending Moon draws it down. 

At the Trade Shack, we go into more detail about that. 

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