To cyclone or not to cyclone?

Bit of a low pressure system arriving 10th of December, we be fine here in Dayboro.

There is a bit of talk about seeing a cyclone forming (more like a low pressure system than a cyclone), it (the eye) could make landfall around the 12th of December. My guess is between Sarina and Clairview, it will then might travel inland filling up the MacKenzy River area, I peg it as dumping a fair bit of rain on Emerald area. 

For us here, we will get some rain of it. Initially I thought it be dumping a lot, but I changed my mind on that. Still good rain, but I do not think we will see flooding this time around. That said, as mentioned in the longer term forecast, it is building up.  

All in all I think we be fine here in Dayboro, for those travelling more inland my best guess is that it will travel along a line from Emerald, Kingaroy, Toowoomba dumping good amounts of rain with potential flooding. Then dropping into NSW and heading for the coast again to go out to sea.

So basically, we will get rain (16th), dams and creeks still can use it. No danger of flash flooding atm I think. Time will Tell. 

NOTE: Looking at more info (8th Dec) I think it will fizzle out pretty quickly once it makes landfall. Which is kinda normal for these things. It also looks like it will make landfall a bit further north. It still pulls in moisture into the centre of QLD, but not as much as I initially thought would. I guess like always with weather. Mother nature does what mother nature does. :-). 


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