Weather for Christmas?

What will the weather be... will it be a half glass full or a half glass empty?
Weather for Christmass

The question is what will the weather be like for Christmas, I think it is going to be dry and nice cool weather. Not a heatwave. 

The whole month of December will be a bit like “normal” again, with a bit of rain here and there. 

Reality Check

At the time of writing all the above mentioned in the Fakebook post seem to come true. 

Some say the storms that were to come with big hail did not happen, I guess you have to ask a few farmers in the Loycker Valley what happened to their crops. Hail they had. 

We are not out of the “woods”, we will see heavy storms and big hail as we go into Summer. The BOM called for an El Nino… but that is well and truly gone.

For sure the MSM will keep saying extreme temperatures believing they still can inform intelligent people. 

I guess they wake up one day. 

For the rest of the month?

Today will be the most rain, then it will slow down again, a little on Wednesday and next week will be a repeat of this week, just less rain. 

Drizzle on Sunday?

Likely, and the best way to escape that is by joining me on the Tawny Trails, THE LAST ONE  this year. 

So come and say HI, support local artists, and businesses and find out what it is all about. 

Get your Christmas present, something unique, memorable and a conversation starter. 


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