Weather for December 2023 (Perhaps). I use the sun, moon and planet cycles. I plant by the moon cycle and some garden work. So I figured lets have a crack with doing the weather...
December 2023 Forecast

December 2023 in Dayboro: What’s in the Stars and Clouds?

Average Temperature

Now, with the sun acting all shy in its solar cycle, you’d think we’d be pulling out the woollies. But hey, this is Dayboro, and it is for December – we’re more likely to be swatting flies in the sunshine than shivering! So, expect a bit of a cooler vibe (and, for some, a cooler shoulder) than usual, but nothing that’ll put a damper on your beach plans.

Rainfall Forecasting with the Stars.

Of course, there is a bit of guess work, lots of experience, a bit of science and still cheaper than the BOM.

  • New Moon (Dec 12): They say new moons bring new beginnings, but it’s more like a “not today” vibe in terms of rain. But, this being Dayboro, don’t bet your bottom dollar on staying dry – the wet season likes to surprise us!
  • First Quarter (Dec 19): Traditionally, this moon phase is your cue for rain dances. So, maybe keep that umbrella handy or dance in the rain. Your call!
  • Full Moon (Dec 26): Full moons are like that friend who can’t decide what to wear – sometimes they bring rain, sometimes they don’t. This time, expect a bit of both because why not?
  • And beyond… (Jan 5, 2024): Sneaking into January here, but the third quarter moon could be gearing up for a rainy encore. A soggy start to the New Year? Time will (tell)!

Rainy Days and Mondays (and Other Days Too)

  • Early December, we’re looking at a smattering of showers – think 1st, 3rd, and 5th. Just enough to make the grass sing.
  • Mid-month, around the New Moon, it’s a bit of a dry spell. But hey, it’s Dayboro, so don’t put away the raincoat just yet or rely on the Dayboro Dome.
  • Leading up to the First Quarter on the 19th, the sky might open up – keep an eye out on the 14th, 16th, and 18th.
  • Post-19th, it’s a bit of a wild card. It could rain, could shine. Dayboro likes to keep us guessing.
  • Full Moon time, around the 26th, might give us a bit of both—a classic Dayboro Christmas – sunny mornings, stormy evenings.
  • Wrapping up the month, the 28th and 30th might surprise us with a late show of thunder.

So, there you have it, folks – a forecast that’s part science, part astrology, and entirely Dayboro. Remember, this forecast is about as scientifically verified as my grandma’s recipe for predicting rain (hint: it involves a lot of looking at the sky and nodding sagely). It is based upon the good old sailors and farmers’ way of predicting the weather. As we get closer to the day you can find the scientific weather prediction on the website.

Take it with a grain of salt, a smile, (I have to say that to keep the usual BOM fan club at bay) and maybe an umbrella – just in case.

Possible Rain Days

  1. December 1st
  2. December 3rd
  3. December 5th (not really sure on this one)
  4. December 14th
  5. December 16th
  6. December 18th
  7. December 19th
  8. December 24th
  9. December 25th
  10. December 26th
  11. December 28th
  12. December 30th

December 1-7:

  • Mixed weather with intermittent sun and cloud cover.
  • A higher chance of rain during the mid-week.


December 8-14:

  • Warm days with clear skies.
  • Evening thunderstorms.


December 15-21:

  • A hot spell.
  • Increasing humidity, leading up to a possibility of a significant rainfall event around the 19th.


December 22-28:

  • Cooler temperatures.
  • A chance of a festive storm around Christmas.


December 29-31:

  • A return to hotter weather, closing the month and year with clear skies, ideal for stargazing and pondering the universe’s greater mysteries.
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