Weather for March 2024

Are we going to get a cyclone in March 2024? Well it is not completely ruled out, and I guess we going into a El Nina....

If you combine long-term weather patterns with astronomical observations, and consider the local geographical and climate influences, you might predict March 2024 in Dayboro to potentially follow historical trends of warm to hot temperatures, considering the overall warming trend affecting the region.

Rainfall could be influenced by historical patterns of increased rain in the summer months extending into March. Significant weather events, like those caused by La Niña conditions, could also play a role, potentially leading to increased rainfall or even extreme weather events such as cyclones or significant storms, especially given the historical context of extreme weather impacting Queensland around this time.

The forecasted thunderstorms (we might see one this Saturday 24th Feb) and potential significant rainfall events towards the end of March could be indicative of cyclonic activity in the region.

I think you should prepared for possible severe weather, including strong winds, heavy rain, and flooding.

I am fully aware that I was warned about this for Feb, and it has not been as bad as I thought but we had a few “interesting” rain events. Some just appear out of nowhere. We are not out of the woods yet when it comes to flooding or storms. 

The rain dates: 

  • Early March: Rain is likely around the 3rd and 4th, influenced by historical early March patterns of late summer storms.
  • Mid-March: Another set of rainy days could occur between the 10th and 12th, aligning with common transitional weather as the season shifts.
  • Late March: Towards the end of the month, around the 25th to 27th, there could be additional rainfall, as historical data often shows late March showers.

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