Dayboro.au is a new way of doing old things. It consolidates the previous publications of the Lions Dayboro & District Business Directory, Dayboro Events, Dayboro Weather, and the Dayboro Grapevine. 

Dayboro has yet to have a central place for all of us to find up-to-date information apart from Facebook. Facebook is one of those social media platforms that collects your data and your behaviour and sells it to the highest bidder. Hence only some people like or want to join Facebook and, as such, miss out on news and events. 

Several local volunteer organisations have snippets of information at their location or on their Facebook pages. Dayboro.au invites those organisations and members of the community to keep submitting information, so we all can work towards a central place of information, a single source of the truth. 

Not replacing, just complimenting.

I am not trying to replace any organisation. Since 2004, I have been looking at what is going on. Several online business directories have come and gone, and one or two are still around, either stale or set u as private commercial projects to make money for the owner. DAYBORO.AU is FREE and solely relies on donations and (unfortunately) Google Adverts on some pages. Most expenses are paid for by myself.

Some volunteer organisations have tried setting up webpages, but they tempered off. It is a lot of work to keep websites fresh, it costs money, and it often requires specialised skill sets. A site like DAYBORO.AU costs approximately $200 per month should you use third-party resources. Only some volunteer organisations can justify that expense, especially if it is generally only for one capability because of segmentation. 

Segments in the community information.

This is just an observation. I am not going to argue if it is right or wrong. What I see from the outside is that the Dayboro District Progress Association Incorporated, Dayboro Historical Society and the Dayboro Lions all have their charters without a central place for online publication.

All are doing fantastic things, yet it appears segmented when it comes to non-organisation-specific information. There is no central place for Dayboro and Surrounding communities (Postcode Communities) to find “Who and What”. 

DAYBORO.Au, building blocks

Business Directory

Dayboro & Districts Business Directory, run by the Dayboro Lions. It is the online version of the paper-based one. Updated each year, at no cost to the Dayboro Lions. 

Events Calendar

Local events are found on the internet or submitted by the local community. Members of the community can submit their events for free. 

Local Weather

Collecting weather data and doing forecasts for the Dayboro area since 2004. Publishing historical weather records and future forecasts.  


Using the Tradeshack.au Postcode Communities, in this case, the 4521 postcode community, so Dayborians can sell anything legal online for free. 


In cooperation with the Dayboro Grapevine, we give access to the current and past publications of the Dayboro Grapevine. Easy and simple


Discuss Dayboro matters online, securely and in private without the need for social media and without spammers and adverts.

Basically, it is a single website where you can let people know about your events, find the last online version of the Grapevine, have non-censored private discussions and see what events there are on in DAYBORO. 

All this is built, managed and maintained by an “old dude” that does it to keep his brain from fading away whilst hoping some find a central place of information useful.