Why should I list my Business in the Dayboro and Districts business directory.

Get greater Visibility in the Dayboro & Surrounding areas

Why dayboro and district business directory? One reason why list with Dayboro Business Directory is, the use of mobile devices. The way of the future is to search for services online. That on its own should answer why dayboro and district business directory.

Because every person is different, and they search for details on services in a different way.  We believe that the printed version of the Dayboro & District Business Directory together with the online version, is a perfect solution.

The Dayboro Directory makes YOUR business more Accessible

Using our online and printed versions of the Dayboro Directory, you increase Your visibility in local business search engines (Google). Your business details are more reliably available and easier accessible.

The Dayboro Directory will become the source for your contact details, opening hours and other important business information.

No need for social media accounts, this Dayboro Directory will place you in-front of  potential customers OUTSIDE Facebook as well as those who do not use Facebook.

Develop your Brand locally.

Brand recognition is not only for big brands. The importance of being known by locals in your service area is even more important for smaller businesses.

With this directory your business can stand out because it is local. The focus is on Support Local, Buy Local. Listing in this directory (online and in print) helps you to be discovered by local and potential clients.

Provide Detailed Business Information

Creating a Premium Listing, allows potential customers to access all kind of information. You have the freedom to structure your listing as a mini-web page.

You can list your services, add photo’s, and help will be available should you need someone to do it for you.

The Dayboro Directory is a great way to publicise your business and provide your customers with the correct information they need. (as you can update it online in real-time if you have a premium listing).

Cost Effective Investment

Unlike social media business pages, the Dayboro Directory provides you with multiple services, like better search options, ranking, feature listings and sticky listings.

Future releases will, depending on the uptake, post premium business listings to a wide range of social media outlets. The directory will be mobile friendly allowing turn-by-turn directions to your shop or office.

Why list with Dayboro Business Directory?

Because it is a Dayboro Lions project, most of the monies raised from the Business Directory, is directed back into various charities and groups in the Dayboro and surrounding areas.

The Online Business Directory is 100% volunteer driven.

To sum it up, why you should use the Dayboro and Surrounds Business directory:

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