Dayboro Directory listing update website updates

Dayboro Directory 2022 update. 

Hi, a quick word from the webmaster. First, have a great new-years eve and hopefully, we will have a better 2023. (2020 till now, would not be hard to beat as it is). 


I quickly want to let you know that the Dayboro Business Directory is updated with the new listings. It should match the Lions paper copy. 

In case you forgot this is the only directory that is the Dayboro Business Directory, it is a lions initiative in promoting local businesses.  

We promised to keep the directory up to date, so Dugi and myself been working on that to get that happening.  (Thanks Dugi). 

Please support the local businesses, remember that we only will miss them when they are gone… and when gone… who will sponsor our sporting events???? You?


A shout out to our premium listings.

Lyhart Fencing and Fabrication Services

Lyhart Fencing and Fabrication

Lyhart Fencing and Fabrication have been a premium lister (sponsor) for a few years now. 

They are the place to go for fencing needs. 

If you are looking for: 

  • Solar & Electric gates?
  • Pool Fencing?
  • Chainwire Fencing?
  • Aluminium Panels?
  • Glass Fences?
  • Tubular?
  • Colorbound Fences?
  • Laser-cut Fencing art?
  • Slats?
  • Or Security Fencing

Lyhart Fencing has you covered. Why not call them and find out what else they can offer. They are a true ‘ONE-STOP SHOP’ for your fencing needs. 

Running Duck Studio. 

Providing the design and images for



Local-based web hosting and design business. HELP4BIS has been hosting, building, maintaining and designing the Online Lions Business Directory since 2017. Free of charge to the Lions and the Dayboro Community. 

If you need a website build or want 99.9% website availability, then HELP4BIS your best choice. For peace of mind, your website will be on a secured BRISBANE data centre and designed, managed and maintained right here in Dayboro. 

Call Danielle for more information. 

advertiser changes

Updated adverts.

  • Dirty Hairys
  • Your Physio
  • Dayboro Mowers
  • Mower Supa Store
  • Pest Control Aust, was Above All Pest
  • Dayboro Village Vet, Was OM Vet